Email Testimonial

“I have been involved with Special Care Australia for about 2 years now and have always found them to be extremely professional. From day 1 when I went down to see the facility, meet the staff and management and discuss the customers who would be participating in their service they were extremely attentive and provided me a lot of information about their service.Special Care Australia provided the customers with personalised Special Care Australia money pouches and back packs free of charge. They are also sending back art and craft projects that were completed in that days activities most weeks. The staff are very easy going, professional and experienced. They have a good knowledge of all aspects of the customers lives and communicate well with the staff at Vine street. They are the first to ask for information about the customer if they are not sure as they want to have all the tools and information required to provide the best service
they can. I always look forward to hearing about their day when they return. The staff are always friendly, smiling and always come across very professionally.”



“I am pleased to inform you that Gabby’s stay was extremely pleasant. Gabby seemed to be his chirpy and joyful self ,often responsive and initiating activities to keep himself engaged such as playing his Wii, which he bonded extremely well with staff over. I am also thrilled to announce that we successfully initiated and executed Gabby going to the swimming pools. He was extremely joyful and seemed to be relaxed and at ease with staff. He enjoyed the warm pools and spent a good amount of time there amidst the pleasant warm water. We await his next arrival at the soonest and look forward to enriching his quality of life to the best of our ability”.
With warmest regards .



“Great! Kaay reported twice with the update on Gabby first time when he went to bed and the second time in the morning. Vijay sent photos from the swimming pool today.
They still have two carers with Gabby during the day until they get to know him better, but charge me for one carer. We are doing dropp off but they will drive him back home.
Kaay is the oe who plays Wii with Gabby. And he was with Gabby for the second time upon Gabby’s arrival. Gabby loves his “Harry Potter” game, so the transition is smoother when Kaay is around. :))
It also helped that the previous night he slept only around 4 hours… and he got his Lorazepam at about 5:15 pm on the day when he went to the respite.
But it IS SUCH a huge difference in comparison with Frankston!!!!!!! I am VERY GRATEFUL that they kicked us out from Frankston!”