YAMA Group (Student Activities)

Welcome to YAMA Group – Where Inclusivity and Fun Unite!


YAMA, meaning “hello” in Aboriginal, is a specially curated program at Special Care Australia, catering to students with unique needs. Our aim is to create an inclusive space where every individual can thrive and experience the joy of meaningful connections.

Our YAMA Group offers a range of exciting activities,including School Holiday Programs and Weekend Activities, all thoughtfully designed to suit the interests and abilities of our participants. The schedule of these engaging events can be easily found on our website calendar.

Join us for an enriching experience during our Weekend Activities, held from Friday to Sunday. Our devoted support staff is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey as students embark on various outings, allowing them to explore the world and create cherished memories.

At YAMA Group, we place great emphasis on fostering social interactions and nurturing lifelong friendships. Students have the freedom to choose activities based on their interests, and they are not obligated to stay for the entire weekend. Our flexible approach ensures that each individual can make the most of their time with us. Come and be part of YAMA Group, where unforgettable adventures and meaningful connections await!

Join us in this adventure, where inclusivity and fun come together, and where every “hello” is met with a warm embrace. Come and be part of YAMA Group – a place where unique abilities are celebrated, and endless possibilities await!