YAMA Group (Student Activities)

Welcome to YAMA Group – Where Inclusivity and Fun Unite!


YAMA, meaning “hello” in Aboriginal, is a specially curated program at Special Care Australia, catering to  students with Special needs. Our aim is to create an inclusive space where every individual can thrive and experience the joy of meaningful connections by providing them individualised support. Join us for an enriching experience during School Holidays and Weekend Activities (held from Friday to Sunday during school term). Our devoted support staff ensures a safe journey as students explore the world on their own gaining confidence and building resilience. At YAMA Group, we prioritize social interactions and lifelong friendships. Come and be part of YAMA Group – where unforgettable adventures and meaningful connections await!

Future Skills Training Workshop

Future Skills Training Workshop

The “Future Skills Training Workshops” is designed to equip participants with the critical skills needed for success in the rapidly evolving job market.

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