Greetings to all! My name is Vijay Vig, and I am thrilled to recount a week full of creativity, learning, and well-being at Special Care Australia’s (SCA) Day Centre. Here at SCA, we provide engaging, person-centred programs for our participants. Let me walk you through the vibrant activities that made last week an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Monday – Mexican Art & Craft Day

We started the week on a colourful note by immersing ourselves in Mexican culture through an Art & Craft Day. With materials and creativity abound, our participants fashioned their very own sombrero hats. They also learned about the rich heritage and traditions of Mexico. The room was filled with an explosion of colours and happiness as everyone proudly sported their hand-made sombreros.

art & craft day

Tuesday – Gardening Program

There’s something immensely rewarding about working with plants. On Tuesday, our green thumbs were put to work in our gardening program. Participants planted seeds, watered plants, and learned about the different stages of plant growth. The activity was not just educational but also served as a calming therapy, connecting our participants with nature.

gardening day

Wednesday – Indoor Spa Day

Midweek, we took time for some relaxation and self-care with an indoor spa day. With gentle music and aromatic scents in the air, participants indulged in a variety of spa treatments. This day was all about relaxation and rejuvenation – something that is essential for the well-being of our participants.

Thursday – Visit to The National Gallery of Victoria

Thursday was a day for artistic inspiration as we visited The National Gallery of Victoria, fondly known as NGV. Being Australia’s oldest and most visited art museum, NGV was the perfect destination for our participants to experience art and history. The gallery’s extensive collection captivated our participants, igniting their imaginations and offering them a new perspective on the world.

Friday – Sports Activities at EnSports Arena

We rounded off the week with a dynamic day at EnSports Arena. Physical activity is crucial for holistic development, and our participants engaged in a variety of sports. The games were not only a means of exercise but also an opportunity for our participants to learn teamwork, coordination, and have loads of fun!

Ensports arena

This week at SCA’s Day Centre was a beautiful blend of creativity, learning, well-being, and community. Our engaging programs are tailored to meet the diverse needs and interests of our participants, ensuring they have meaningful and joyous experiences.

If you are keen to learn more about our programs or how we can support someone you know, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Special Care Australia. We are here to make a difference.